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Location: Chino, California

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Application: This item is rapid and safe installing tools for flexible rod seals. Making smaller size than gland hole by turning seal to omega shape can avoid most of damages. Features: Includes 3 sizes to cover just about any rod seal installation job from 0.87" up Small for rod diameter 22-40mm(0.87" - 1.57" ROD) gland hole, 6mm cross section max Medium for rod diameter 40-70MM (1.57" - 2.75" ROD) gland hole, 8mm cross section max Large for rod diameter 70-165MM (2.75" - 6.49" ROD) gland hole, 10mm cross section max Warning: Gland hole must be in the range of the sizes as below, otherwise, twistor can be damaged permanent Manual Instruction: 1. Put one handle into holder, place the seal on the claw. 2. Lead the seal with one hand when turning the handle with the other. 3. Hold both handles then take them away from the holder. 4. Put the seal aside. 5. Release a handle then turn it ground gently. 6. Take twistor away from the gland smoothly. Package includes: 1Pcs Small size of rod 1Pcs Medium size of rod 1Pcs Large size of rod...

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Location: Chino, California