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AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Enhanced Universal Car Code Readers & ScannerWhy Do You Choose AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth Code Reader & Scan Tool?Wireless OBD II diagnostic scanner is not new, but AUTOPHIX 3210 is. 3210 Bluetooth code reader has a great upgrade from more basic car scanners, which come with complete OBD2 functions and full performance test and Custom Dashboard Interface.Full OBD2 Functions: Include Read and Clear DTCs, Freeze Frame Data Viewing, O-2 S-ensor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, I/M Readiness Check, Live Data Stream Viewing, EVAP System Test, Vehicle Information, DTC Lookup, Diagnosis Report.Full Performance Test: 3210 can read real-time Performance Tests including the accurate reading of car acceleration, braking, RPM, VSS, VPWR, ECT, MAF, etc, and Trip Monitoring, real-time analysis speed change, coolant temperature, average speed, RPM, number of rapid braking/ hypervelocity, start/ idle time, etc. The built-in warning Settings (Speed/ water temperature/ Driver Fatigue Alarm) remind the driver to ensure driving safety.Custom Dashboard Interface: Our AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth car code reader supports personalized design. The dashboard of real-time data can be customized by the customer. You can lay out the Functional interface in a way you are familiar with. The parameters that can be customized include (RPM, VSS, ECT, MAF, TP, LOAD-PCT, SPARKADV, IAT, and VPWR), Ingenious design can set the 3210 apart.What Does AUTOPHIX 3210 OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Do?AUTOPHIX 3210 Newest Generation, released in Jul 2023, different from other bluetooth OBD2 scanner, and cover More car brands and models than all other bluetooth scanners in the market. With Full OBD2 Functions and Various car performance test, is committed to be the best cost-effective bluetooth scanner for cars.1.Read Codes & Erase Codes: Quickly read the error code and clear the pending error code in 3 seconds, helping you save time and money to fix it yourself if possible.2.Built-in 8000+ OBD II Fault Code Look-Up Library: Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means, we offer a lot more information on trouble codes.3.Evap System Test: The OBD2 system monitors the fuel system for fuel vapor leakage to ensure that no hydrocarbons (HC) leak into the atmosphere. and the diagnostic device only displays its status and test results.4.Data Stream: Live data stream can show certain vehicle elements in a graph to monitor your vehicle status.5.O-2 S-ensor Test: Allow...

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Location: Torrance, California