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Ceramic-based Rain Repellent for Car Windshield with Felt Applicator and Buffing

Price:     $18
Time Left: 27 d, 6 h, 42 min    (Apr 28, 2023 21:06:22 UTC)
Condition: New
Location: Bergenfield, New Jersey

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NANO-COATING TECH : In contrast to wax or silicone oil-based rain-repellent coatings, VIEW OK's ceramic nano-coatings form strong chemical bonds deep into the glass, resulting in exceptional durability. And washing the car has no effect on its performance. WORKS AT LOW SPEED : Rain Beads up and rolls off at 25-38 mph. At this low speed, the rain repellent function lasts for several months. LONG LASTING :Lasts about 6 months with a single application when strictly following the recommended guideline. WIPER-CHATTER-FREEUnlike other products, the slick and seamless coating film prevents wiper chattering. EASIER REMOVAL OF FROST & DIRT : The low surface energy of a rain-repellent surface makes it easier to remove frost or ice. Additionally, the tight and firm coating film structure aids in dirt removal....

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Location: Bergenfield, New Jersey