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Location: Manteca, California

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YOU WILL GET 10 X 8 OUNCE BOTTLE OF DEEP ICE BY THE LAST COAT HIGH GLOSS SLICK AND A SPRAY NOZZLE Deep IceFINISHDeep Ice is ideally applied on a paint corrected surface free of scratches and swirls. If you are starting with a true scratch free and swirl free surface, you can simply decontaminate the surface and strip any prior waxes or sealants similar to this TLC prep video.Summary of Deep Ice Directions:For best results, and to get the most durability and longevity, you would want a scratch and swirl-free surface (a paint correction) ideally. And also a surface that is entirely clean and stripped free of waxes, polishes, solvents, and sealants (including TLC). Here's what we recommend:Step 1: Wash your vehicle.Step 2: Decontaminate the paint surface with a clay mitt, clay bar or chemical removal.Step 3: Do this step only if paint requires it, if not move on to step four. Compound/polish (paint correction)the paint surface to remove swirls, defects and bring the surface to a high gloss.In terms of what compound and polish to use, we like stuff that is professional-grade but still easy to use. The two that we use personally in-house that can be purchased easily are "The Last Cut" by TLD Detail NV (no affiliation, just similar names). It's a great compounding product that is easier to use than some other professional-grade products. Another that we use is Sonax Perfect FInish, it works well for gloss and minimal clear coat removal, just won't remove a lot of deep swirls as The Last Cut will. We do not recommend many of the lower end polishes that will leave behind residue and such that can be hard to remove via IPA, and thus affecting bonding to the surface and longevity.Step 4: Wipe down the vehicle with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) on a microfiber and let the IPA air dry or use a surface prep cleaner. This will remove all waxes, polishing oils if used, and residue to ensure a clean surface.Step 5: Using a microfiber applicator, spray 2-5 sprays (depending on panel) of DEEP ICE directly onto the applicator and then wipe on to paint surfaces in a hashtag type pattern. Then take a CLEAN microfiber towel to buff off DEEP ICE to an extremely high gloss, slick finish. For larger vehicles use a new buffing microfiber towel halfway through to ensure full removal. Full removal is very important. Discard towels/applicator after use.Step 6: If additional layers are desired, wait 1 hour before applying the additional layer. Due to the minimal amounts used when applied...

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Location: Manteca, California