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The V12 DIY is the most economical way to get the best possible brake or clutch pedal, guaranteed!THIS IS A DISCONTINUED MODEL INCLUDES FULL WARRANTY The V12 DIY contains the bare minimum of accessories to perform Reverse Bleeding and all other Phoenix Systems bleeding methods. We designed the DIY to allow home users to achieve professional results, economically. There is no other method or tool that remove more air than a Phoenix Bleeder, so the only way you'll know if you have the best possible brake or clutch response is to use the tool. "End those “white knuckle” panic stops in a few short minutes" Stop 20 feet shorter with Phoenix Systems’ “Reverse” Brake Bleeder NOTICE: This is the new Phoenix Systems V12 DIY Reverse Bleeder with multiple enhancements and new accessories. All Ebay Auctions are for tools with cosmetic defects or are remanufactured units. VERY limited quantities availableFor Perfect Tools see Click here Watch the Stacey David Gearz video at the bottom of the page to see the Phoenix Reverse Bleeders in ActionAir in your brake lines not only takes away the ability to stop quickly, it can increase your stopping distance by up to 20 feet. That’s pretty serious when a child runs out in front of you or somebody slams on their brakes! The Phoenix V12 DIY brake bleeder is the ONLY way to ensure near ZERO air in your brake system. This tool uses patented reverse bleeding technology, and harnesses the principle that air wants to go up (and out) thru the master cylinder, instead of down through the calipers. This simple technique guarantees the easiest, and fastest form of air removal. Another thing that makes the Phoenix V12 the ultimate brake bleeding tool is it can also perform any combination of reverse bleeding, pressure bleeding, or vacuum bleeding for the best possible bleed. That means you can handle any hydraulic bleeding project, since usually a combination of bleeding techniques provides the best results. It’s also perfect for bench bleeding and making short work of those “impossible to bleed” hydraulic clutches. "The Phoenix V12 DIY brake bleeder will put an end to those “white knuckle” panic stops, and in a few short minutes, you’ll have the best, firmest pedal that you can get and it’s something one guy can do. The V12 DIY will make your life a whole lot easier, and that is what a good tool is supposed to do." Stacey David, Stacey David's Gearz TVPhoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeders 1...

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Location: St. George, Utah